Rules and Guidelines for Use of the Libraries

These rules and guidelines were passed by the City Council’s Committee for Cultural Affaris on 1 April, 201 and updated on 1 June, 2018.

Use of the Library

The library’s standard services are free for everybody.

The Library can, however, charge you for printouts, photocopies, and other special services.

If you are not a resident of the municipality of Vejle, the Library may in some cases require a deposit in connection with loans.

How to register

In order to be registered as a borrower you must bring your Health Insurance Card. When you register, you also choose a personal PIN number to use for self-service purposes.

You use your Health Insurance Card as your Library Card.

You can also register yourself via our website using your NemID.

Register yourself with your NemID.

Children and young adults under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to register. You can get a parental permission form at the Library or register your child via our website using your NemID.

Register your child with your NemID,

Children and others who do not want to use their Health Insurance Cards as Library Cards can have an alternative Library Card issued. However, you always have to show your Health Insurance Card when you register.

If an institution wants a Library Card, the head of the institution must be registered as the person responsible for borrowed materials. You can get a power of attorney form at the library or print one from our website.

See also: Library Rules for persons with temporary residence in Denmark

How to borrow

You must bring your Health Insurance Card/Library Card in order to borrow. You also need your PIN number in order to use the self-service machines.

The Health Insurance Card/Library Card is a personal card. You can only borrow materials on your own card.

You are responsible for the materials borrowed on your card.

Notify the Library immediately if your Health Insurance Card/Library Card is lost or stolen. The card will then be blocked. Until the Library is notified you may be held responsible for any misuse.

Registering loans

All loans must be registered in our system before you leave the Library. After registering your loans you will get a loan receipt.

The receipt tells you which items you have borrowed and when to return them.

Loan periods, renewals and returns

The standard loan period is 31 days. You can renew your loans if anhother borrower has not already reserved the material(s). You can only renew your loans twice and not until 10 days before the return date.

Certain popular materials have a shorter loan period and cannot be renewed. The loan period is usually displayed on the material and always on your receipt.

Different rules may apply to materials from other libraries.

If you want to renew your loans, you can do it yourself on our website, at your local library, or over the phone.

When you return your materials you get a receipt. The receipt tells you which materials you have returned and how many are left on your account.

This receipt is your proof that you have returned the materials, and you should save your receipt for 8 weeks after the original due date. If you have a complaint  in connection with an overdue fee, you must be able to show a receipt. We recommend that you choose to have your receipts sent via e-mail.

How much can you borrow

You may borrow as many books as you like. There may be a limit to the number of loans and reservations you can have for certain types of materials, like music, games and movies.

Children may only borrow movies deemed appropriate for their age group by the Media Council. The age limitations appear on the cover.


You can reserve materials currently out on loan. You can do it yourself on our website or you can ask the staff for help.

The Library will notify you when the material becomes available. You can choose whether you want to be notified by e-mail or SMS - or both.

Overdue loans

If your loans are overdue, you have to pay an overdue fee according to the library’s current rates.

Overdue fees are calculated by due date and are not affected by the number of borrowed materials.

Your overdue loans may generate multiple fees, if:

  • Your loans have different return dates
  • You did not borrow your items on the same day - even if you have since renewed your loans so they have the same return date
  • You return items with the same return date on different days

See our current overdue fees (page in Danish).

Replacement fees

If you lose or damage the library’s materials, you must pay a replacement fee. The replacement fee is usually the item’s purchase price plus a surcharge for preparation.

If the Library is able to purchase a replacement, you may keep the damaged item once the replacement fee is paid.

Should a lost material reappear within a period of two years, your replacement fee will be refunded.

See our current replacement fees (page in Danish).


If you do not pay overdue fees or replacement fees after receiving the bill, it will be turned over to the local authority for collection. You are responsible for any collection fees.

Please be aware that bills are sent to you by Digital Post.

Suspension of privileges

If you repeatedly do not return borrowed materials or return them in damaged condition, your library privileges may be suspended.

The suspension will stand until the materials are returned or the replacement fees have been paid.

If you owe the Library more than DKK 200 in overdue fees, your privileges will be suspended until the full amount is paid.

You will be notified of the suspension via Digital Post 8 days before it takes effect.

If you settle your account either by returning the materials or by paying the replacement fees and all overdue fees, your privileges will be restored. You can pay by credit card or MobilePay on our website or with cash at the Library. Each library also has one self-service-machine where you can pay your bills using MobilePay.

If you do not respect common rules of conduct or do not follow the staff’s directions you may be expelled from the Library.

You may also be expelled if you do not observe our rules of Internet ethics.

See our rules of Internet ethics (page in Danish).

Alcohol is not permitted at the libraries. You are always welcome to enjoy alcohol-free beverages, eat your packed lunch and so on. The serving and drinking of alcohol is only permitted in connection with certain “restricted” events.


The library is not responsible for any damage to audio/video or computer equipment resulting from the use of library materials.


The Library’s loan records are managed according to current privacy laws. You have the right to see a printout of the information we have registered on your CPR-number (Social Security Number). Information about your loans is deleted 30 days after the materials have been returned.

You can read more about how the library registers and uses your information in our privacy policy.

In order to protect your privacy, the library is not allowed to give out information about your loans, debts etc. to any third party.

Vejle Libraries are equipped with video surveillance, in part to ensure user safety, and in part to protect the library and its furniture and equipment from theft and vandalism. Monitored areas are marked with signs.

The surveillance is in accordance with current laws regarding video surveillance and the handling of personal information.


Any complaints about the library’s service or the way in which the rules and regulations are administered should first be addressed to the library director. The decision of the library director can be appealed to the city council’s committee for cultural affaris and sports.


If you have registered your e-mail adress or your mobile number, the library helps you remember to return your materials on time. The library automatically sends you a reminder 3 days before the due date.

The reminder covers all materials with the same due date. E-mail reminders tell you the titles of your the materials due. SMS reminders only tell you the number of borrowed materials due.

Contact information

As a minimum, your address is registered in our electronic database.

If you have chosen to receive reservation notices and reminders by e-mail, your e-mail address is also registered in our database.

If you have chosen to receive reservation notices and reminders by SMS, your mobile number is also registered in our database.

Change of contact information

It is very important that you notify us if there are any changes in your contact information. This is especially important if you get a new e-mail address or a new mobile number. You are the only one who can provide us with that information.

If we do not have the correct information, our messages will not reach you, and you risk not being notified that a reserved material is ready to be picked up.

You also risk reminders not reaching you and not being made aware that your materials will soon be overdue.

It is your responsibility to register the correct information.

You can update your contact information yourself by logging on to your account on our website. You are also always welcome to contact the staff to register your changes.

Download our rules and guidelines as a pdf.