Library Rules for Persons with Temporary Residence in Denmark

In addition to the general rules and guidelines for use of the libraries special rules apply to asylum seekers and other persons with temporary residence in Denmark.

The Right to Borrow

If you do not have permanent residence in Denmark and therefore do not have a Danish Medical Card, you can become a registered user of Vejle Public Libraries by showing the following forms of identification: 

  1. Your passport or, for asylum seekers, an identification Card issued by the Immigration Service and
  2. Documentation for your temporary address in this country.
    As documentation you can use your tenancy agreement, employment contract, or a statement from your landlord or employer confirming your adresse.

What Can You Borrow?

As a registered user of Vejle Public Libraries you may borrow all our different types of materials, including digital materials.
All the library’s general rules and regulations apply.