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The homepage in English

Here you will find information about Vejle Public Libraries. This is not a complete English version of the Danish website, but information about the organisation and an introduction to our services.

As a registered borrower, you can log onto our website using your CPR-number (library card number) and your pin number.

Welcome to the library

Read more about what the library can do for you.

Address, phone number and mail

See the options for contacting the library.

Library rules and guidelines

Find information on using the library's services.

Temporary residents in Denmark

Particular rules pertaining to temporary residents and library use.

Self-service libraries

Using the libraries, when the staff are not present.

The Mobile Library

The library's rolling branch.

Mobile Library Schedule

Where and when can you meet the bookmobile.

Expat Dinner

Bring a dish, take your family along and meet new people.

Links for foreigners in Denmark.

These links are external sources for foreigners in Denmark, most are in English or can be translated.

Life in Denmark

Practical guide to a number of things relevant when you are going to work or study in Denmark.

Expat in Denmark

The official national network for foreign professionals in Denmark.

Expatriation in Denmark

Information for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation in Denmark, edited by EasyExpat Ltd, a private company.

New to Denmark

The official portal for foreigners and integration.

Work in Denmark

The official Danish website for international. recruitment, connecting international job seekers and Danish companies.

Find information, tools, templates and examples to start a business in Denmark.

Study in Denmark

The official Danish website about opportunities for international higher education in Denmark.

IBO World Schools

Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) schools in Denmark.

De danske sprogcentre

The Danish Language Schools is an association of 52 Language Schools throughout Denmark teaching Danish to foreigners. To show the page in English, there is a Google Translate link at the bottom right corner of the site.

The National Labour Market Authority

The agency aims to recruit highly qualified labour from outside Denmark, and to integrate foreign employees into the Danish labour market.


Access to e-zines in english.

Library Press Display

Access to newspapers from all the world.