Self-service libraries

You can use the libraries, when the staff are not present. You have access all week between 8 AM and 10 PM.

The libraries have extended opening hours all week. You can borrow and return materials, read newspapers and magazines and use PCs. On holidays and a few other days however, the libraries will be closed for selv-service access.
The libraries of course also have staffed opening hours, where you can get help. See the opening hours of the week on the pages of each library.

To gain access

You must be registered as a user at one of the local libraries and have a pin code.
With your health card or your library card and pin code you lock yourself into the library. Children under 14 must beside the library card and pin code have a written permission from their parents. At the entrance to the library there is a slide where the health card is inserted, and a keyboard where you type your pin code unlocking the door.
At 10 o'clock PM the intruder alarm is activated, so be sure to be out before 10 o'clock. You will be warned by the speaker system 15, 10 and 5 minutes before the alarm is set.

How to service yourself

You need to do your own service at a the self-service library. You have to borrow, return and reserve the materials on your own.
At the library you have access to the library search base. Here you can search and order materials.
When you borrow and return materials, use the self-service terminal, which shows you what to do. Next to the terminal, there are shelves (shelf 1 and shelf 2) for the materials you submit.
If you have questions or other messages to staff, you can write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the mailbox.

Registration and video surveillance

Anyone who uses the library in the self-service time is recorded with their name and address. There is also video surveillance of the entrance and inside the library premises, partly for the sake of users' security and partly to protect the library and its assets against theft, vandalism, etc.