Welcome to the library

New to Denmark?

At the library you can …

Borrow books, films, music, audio books in a variety of languages and for both children and adults – or download them at your home PC. You can also find current newspapers and magazines.


For children of all ages we have books, “play and learn” language material, stories on CDs, music and films. Children and adults may also borrow games for PC, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Xbox.


At each of our four libraries you may borrow CDs, music videos, books on music and sheet music. If you live in Vejle, you may download or stream on Bibzoom. You download the music for seven days quite legally.

Newspapers and magazines

Through Library PressDisplay you can read today's newspapers from more than 90 countries. If you live in Vejle and are registered as a member, you may access Library PressDisplay directly from home.

Learning Danish or other languages?

If you are learning Danish or other languages, we have a variety of language courses for you to borrow or access on the Internet.

Information brochures etc.

Pick up brochures and pamphlets about many different topics, such as tourist information, etc.

The library’s services are, for the most part, free of charge. Charges for special services may be made.

Joining the library

In order to register at the library, you need to apply in person. Your social security card must be shown on application.

Reserve books, music and films directly from home

You may search and reserve books, music, films etc. in our databases directly from home or at the library. You can also check your status and extend your lending period.


The library has access licenses to a variety of databases, some of which you may access directly from your home computer as well.


Access national library collections via www.bibliotek.dk, order them and pick them up at your local library.

Just ask

Our librarians are your guides to knowledge, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Book a computer

Using our computers is free of charge.

You can book a PC in each of our four libraries. If you need to print, you have to pay for your prints. You may also bring your own computer and log on the wireless network.

Exhibitions, lectures and more

Enjoy exhibitions, lectures and events for children and adults. Or enroll on some of our many courses.

Other library services

Make photocopies, scan or print.

See you at the library!